Day 271

Saturday | November 24th, 2012


Mmmm, grilled cheese. Meow woke me up this morning with a sort of ‘why don’t you get up already and DO stuff.’ Obviously, I was still in sleep-off-the-birthday mode and shouldn’t be sequestered to be, to go, and certainly not to DO. She wasn’t having it.

Eventually I did get up and DO something. And, once it was done, I set about the fine art of doing very little or as little as possible for the rest of the day. Then I remembered that thing I wanted to DO and seriously pulled out the tools to DO about a half hour before the house warming was to kick off last Saturday.

I thought I was being clever when setting up my desk and equipment. Having an outlet right under my desk is exceedingly clever. Like Home Improvement Award of the Bottom of the Hour clever. But this makes my laptop cord wrap awkwardly around the desk (above). Home Improvement Award of the Week clever would be to make a hole near the outlet to go out the side of the desk leg to give myself more maneuverability when “relaxing-typing” (such as I am now).

I had to drill two holes then take another drill bit and DO some filing of the crappy particle board which has been form compressed to be my desk. Then all I had to DO was slip the little power cord through the hole (above, left). Once that was done, I had to think of something else to DO. So I made another grilled cheese sandwich to celebrate.

The Daily DO

Daily Report

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