Day 269

Thursday | November 22nd, 2012


These pictures (hero and thumbnail) quantify my Thursday without words.

It took me three hours to ply myself out of bed and pull myself together and get to work.

I wore my new jacket and shoes. I don’t think I gave any other part of my appearance any thought though.

I had no choice but to grab a cup of ramyeon, and bottles of Gatorade and water on my way in. (Rules and shit.)

I lucked out in my first free-form class, two students. We work on conversation, so I had them ask me questions. They weren’t very good at it. It took them over twenty minutes to ask why I drank so much last night.

The next class was more demanding. My head was more pounderific too. This also worked out because this group was working on appearances. ‘Hey, everyone stand up! If you want to sit down, you need to make three sentences about your teacher’s appearance. Oh, and no repeats.’

Then I had a short bit of time to pee (sweet pee) and eat my noodles. All I wanted to do was sleep.

I had a meeting. The others took pity on my appearance and gutter look. ‘Let’s make it a short meeting!’ They kid themselves, this would be a long meeting and I knew that five days before sitting down in this very moment. It was a long meeting. The topcis needed my attention. Worse, they needed my articulation and rhetoric to sway things in the right direction. Pulling the brain capacity for this was the most exhausting thing I have done all year. I could have done it better and smoother without the 151 eating my stomach lining, but I did it good enough.

Another 30 minutes of inactivity to eat noodles and drink water and Gatorade. I spent it sleeping instead.

LG and PP woke me up too many times. I had to run a meeting at 17.00. Maybe they were worried. But this was all planned weeks in advance, even the hangover. The only thing I hadn’t accounted for was the rising earlier on my birthday and spending all morning in Ulsan and not getting enough sleep before my party. I was depleted at 16.40.

I sort-of pulled myself together for the second meeting. I think my hair set the tone. There was less confrontation than I thought there would be. Actually, there wasn’t any. Maybe it was the hair. The meeting was done in twenty minutes.

The last thing I needed to do was get home. I didn’t have any energy for that. I went back to slept on my desk with the heater off. I slept uncomfortably. Each time I woke, I didn’t have enough to get home or make it down the stairs. I slept for tow hours like this.

Finally, I put my things in my bag and got into a cab. Meow called a few minutes later.

At home I curled up on the couch, feverish. It was after 19.xx. Meow was pissed.

Eventually, I listened to her and crawled into bed. I slept instantly and deeply. A short time later MS woke me up. PDF talk. Some bitching, some gossip, some status updates. I was asleep but talking. Like a dream. I do this when people call me in the morning too. Talk and talk and talk. It’s a skill. Like being double-jointed. Or insane but together enough to tie your shoes and buy coffee in drink it in the corner by yourself.

Sometime after that Meow came in and we talked except I was awake and hungry. Living like this was fine when I was single. Now it hurts Meow and she worries. No more over doing it on purpose or accidentally, I promise. Moderation.

I hate sleeping through the days like this. I never feel guilty if I’m dreaming, but this is something thick and painful. No more, okay.

I made Kraft Mac & Cheese for Meow and I (thanks BM). Then I went to sleep before Meow for the first time ever.

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