Day 267

Tuesday | November 20th, 2012


I accomplished so much yesterday that only a few outlying tasks remained and I somehow remembered all of them. This is the kind of stuff that people usually forget. Stuff like booking rooms for bit meetings, preparing all the documents for those meetings, printing out the reservation slip for the big trip to immigration, remembering to fill out the visa renewal form (which I had the wherewithal to snag from my department office back in spring semester), making sure I have a headshot, my passport, my ARC—even Meow remembered to go get the documents I need to bring with my application.

But all was not love and cherry blossoms. Printing out the reservation receipt was a nightmare because the reservation site wouldn’t let me check my status. This left the only option of a nasty showdown between me, my Windows machine in my office, and “print to file” option I’d checked at home on Sunday after making the appointment. Strangely, “print to file” is a total disaster of a feature which serves no purpose other than to torture and punish users who do not have a printer on hand. Comparing OS X’s “print to pdf” feature which I’ve used thousands of times, “print to file” is a Windows XP thing. I’ve seen it on newer systems, but it’s absolutely worthless.

“Print to file” crunches all the printer data into a Postscript file which most Windows-only and most printers don’t even use. When hunting for solutions on the internet, every piece of software failed to covert the file and print it. The most success came with Ghostscript, but that involved using ‘Command Prompt’ which is DOS, a weak command line interface for Windows (think of it like this: with a mouse, you click on stuff to make things happen; with a command line: you type out incomprehensible instructions and sacrifice a goat on top of your machine). I swore every word and word combination that a nun shouldn’t hear and then invented new ones for an hour.

This is anti-quality. But this was what it was like to use computers 10 years ago. This is what it is like to use Windows XP and Office 2003 (which are better products that Windows 7 and Office 2010). All points are disturbing on many levels.

Once I let myself walk away, my day got better again. I went home (again, catching the nice light) and worked on the remaining tasks on my list. I ate a grilled cheese sandwich before tackling any of it though. By 22.00, I’d given up on the one remaining thing because it was irritating and it’s not due for another week or so. Why kill myself over stuff like that.

I had a better time playing CIV IV and catching up on the Sunday shows (Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, Mentalist). I let Naughty crash out on my lap, too. Life’s more relaxing with a stinky, snorting pug on your lap. Don’t know why, but it just is. Not as relaxing as having a cat, but enough.

This week, the temperature has started to plunge in earnest. We’re getting down into the 2s, 3s, and 4s. The dogs are hating it. They are crashing out in the laundry room behind my office until we can get a couple of mini electric blankets for their doghouses.

Naughty is obsessed with finding a tauntaun to crawl into and Twitchy is so preoccupied with the hole in the laundry room floor where the water drains out she barely looks at us, plays with Naughty, and hasn’t barked at much of anything lately. This is something which needs more documentation later this week.

The Daily Bullet

Meow took shot the hero image of Naughty with my iPhone this evening. Today’s Daily Bullet is a filter treated version of Item #068 on I are Dream.

Daily Report

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