Day 265

Sunday | November 18th, 2012


So much of our lives has been wrapped up in getting the house ready for a lot of people to come visit that the day after was a sort of jelly day. Neither of us wanted to do much of anything. The dogs were attacking us with a hundred different kinds of ‘why don’t you love me anymore??’ and there was a bunch of food leftover so any plan we had (or rather I had) of going out was nixed in favor of not having to go outside in the cold. Or not having to don clothing.

We both also had a lot of prep work for our jobs, so retreating to our office spaces to work in our ways (Meow with her cable tv setup and me with the computers and music) seemed like the better use of our time than silly things like figuring out which of my favorite restaurants would be willing to make vegetarian food for my birthday guests. In classic form, what can be put off today for tomorrow always should be (because it’s not as important as you think).

Of course all this was interrupted in the evening when I got a text reminding me that my lovely life in Korea is just temporary and some day I’ll self-deport my foreigner ass back to my country. Dealing with immigration is never joyful even when the experience is short and the staff pleasant.

This has been on my mind increasingly over the last month or two because I knew it was coming. Every year or two, depending on how kindly the immigration officer is feeling, I have to go to my local office and renew my visa. Last time, the that office was in Daegu and it was a major drag. This time I knew that I’d be headed to Ulsan (about an hour away) and that I wanted to bring Meow with me in case there was another snafu. Last time it was just an address change, but this time I need a new visa. Figuring out which day to go is another hurdle, sure I’ve got Wednesdays off, but Meow only has the weekend. This visa thing is always stress + stress x stress. Strangely, when I’m complaining about all of this to Meow, she tells me that she doesn’t have to got to work this Wednesday through a short chain of slightly unusual but not uncommon circumstances. So we cobbled a plan to go to Ulsan together on the morning of my birthday.

(The pictures are all from Friday’s playing around.)

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