Day 264

Saturday | November 17th, 2012


To Meow, all that toilet paper makes her feel like she is rich. To me, all that toilet paper makes me feel like I’m in a supermarket. Toilet paper is the gift of the house warming in Korea. Toilet paper, plants, laundry soap, and chunks of charcoal sitting in water or dressed up with moss and white pebbles. Meow and I haven’t yet gotten to which of our childhood experiences have so skewed our opinions on toilet paper, but it’s sure to be an interesting discussion.

The house warming was an all day affair, as it was planned to be. Except I didn’t know when I went to bed after 04.xx last night that I had to wake up at 08.00 and help Meow get the food from the ajuma who cooked all the Korean dishes (why bother when you can pay others??!). Thankfully I was able to get a few more hours in after that. Meow did whatever people do in the morning when they haven’t spent the whole night cleaning.

The first guests arrived a little after 14.00 and the last ones departed just after 22.00. Everyone I wanted to come came, the strangers remain strangers, and the enemies just pretended it wasn’t happening at all (not knowing a peace offering when it presents itself). The Seoulites were missed. Some who should have declined before, declined a few days after the event, which was odd. I didn’t have enough time to talk with a lot of people, but then again, it wasn’t a party for me, it was a party for our house. And, if Meow can make one new friend from this event, that right there would make it a win.

The dogs, however, did not have a very good day. They spent a lot of time sequestered in my office or some other out of the way place. Of course, some ninny-nanny opened the gate when a Naughty little pug was frolicking about and he nearly took off. (The other of course is someone too tall for hanoks cracked their head on either cement or steel, I don’t remember which.) Twitchy commanded most of the attention late that night (below, all three). Somewhere under her are Meow and Naughty (above).

These dogs will not be denied their right and due portion of pets. They decide this per a very rational formula of hands within the walls of the home versus the number of people that can be heard multiplied by the average number of minutes of love and petting and compliments on a regular day. We’re fucked in a serious deficit.

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