Day 26

Saturday | March 24th, 2012


I think today was good day all around. Maybe even one of the best yet. When I think about it, nothing much happened, but the cleaning up, even just slightly in the scheme of “unpacking” made the day feel so much more accomplished than previous days.

We took Twitchy and Naughty out for the first time in two days (fooking rain). The vet took Twitchy’s sutures out (finally!), then we all went on a walk (finally!). We went to a pet food store and our first big bag of dog food. Then we looped around by the river before going home.

It was a windy day and there was a point on our journey where I stopped to take pictures with Naughty’s leash looped around my boot and Meow and Twitchy completely disappeared. I thought Naughty would lead the way to find them, but he led himself to some cat shit instead. (That dog has strange priorities.) Still, I was able to take a few nice pictures.

At home Twitchy had her first bath since before her surgery and she came out all white and soft. She was really happy and playful the rest of the day. The surgery, the cone, being a gray dog, it all just got her down for a while.

Meow and I went out again about an hour later to fetch the dry cleaning, taking with us not the dogs, but the cluster of cardboard boxes and recycling that has been sitting on our living room floor for three and a half weeks. This completely opened up the room and made it feel more like a house. I had vacuumed the room already when the dogs had their bath so the living room was really clean too. It was a small effort with a big effect.

The stairwell …

Later, I popped out the back windows to seal up some holes in the sills where the wind whips in every morning making showers very unpleasant.

We spent the rest of the doing our own things. Meow prepped for her classes while watching tv and I fiddled endlessly while watching episodes of Buck Rogers (part of a larger effort to rewatch childhood shows and fill in the story gaps of the past).

We also snacked our ways through the kitchen instead of making dinner outright. That’s fun too.

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