Day 254

Wednesday | November 7th, 2012


I wanted to see the election results as they came in. When I did make moves to get up, I received a text from the States saying Obama had won. I spent some of the rest of my day off watching a stream from the BBC. That is, until the BBC cut off the stream and I had to go flip on the flatscreen and pull up the BBC itself. There’s no reason to turn my stream off. News should be free. News is free. This licensing and distribution rights nonsense is so … preinternet. It’s ridiculous. Guess what I got on tv from the BBC? The same crappy feed I’d been watching on my computer all morning. There were even jagged pixels and lousy compression noise. It’s just so stupid to cut my stream then pipe that same stream to my tv. Ugh! These things are dying but not fast enough. I’ll bet I can watch the next presidential debates and election and results completely streamed without interruption.

I wouldn’t let the dogs into my office today. It’s not my office is there are dogs in it all the time. Twitchy does this thing every night around the same time where she suddenly wakes up and starts frantically licking her butthole. It stinks up my office something mega-nasty. That and the massive plumes of hair were the reasons behind banning the dogs. But I can’t be callous and close the door. Especially during the daytime when it’s nice out and all I’m doing is watching pundits question whether the black guy really won again or whether there’s still a chance.

This leads to situations like above with Naughty who is accustomed to getting everything via begging and cycling through cute looks #1 – #20 in an attempt to tap the correct guilt line or flip the cute overload switch. It doesn’t work on me anymore, but his mother always caves around look #4. He comes up to the board (above left) and looks over it longingly. He’ll wait two or three minutes before whining a little. I tell him to knock it off and he starts cycling the cute. But it doesn’t work. I’ve seen them all and he is a greedy Gus. After the cute cycle fails, assuming he hasn’t hit upon a new look (which he sometimes does and that sometimes works—gotta reward the pug for creativity), he gets really pissed off and growls at me. I tell him it’ll never happen. He barks at me and I tell him to shut up. Then he stares at me some more to hammer home the deep-felt ‘fuck you motherfucker’ before turning away and moping in the corner with all the cute looks until his mother sees him and gives him the love.

The Daily Bullet

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