Day 251

Sunday | November 4th, 2012


I don’t remember when I went to sleep on Saturday night, but given the trouble I’d had all week bedding down, it was pretty obvious that I was exhausted and needed as much sleep as time, the law, and Meow would allow. I didn’t even start mumbling to Meow until after 14.00 and probably only got up around 15.00 because the light was fading and she had made me pinky-swear (when I was still half-asleep) to put plastic over the windows back in the secret passage (see below).

When I did get up she want me to look over the curtains she had made in the morning and hung in the hallway (see picture). They look really great and match the ones she made for out bedroom last week.

I spent the next couple of hours holed up in the secret passage with staple gun to tack down sheets of PVC over windows on that side of the house. Naturally, I encountered other things that bothered me while I was back there (really, this was probably the most time I’d ever spent here). After dealing with the rotten wood which supports the crappy roof extension and flimsy, decaying fiberglass sheeting that lets all the light in but keeps our asshole neighbor (a missing back post story) from being able to leer into our home, I rethought how I’d tacked up the PVC. If, say for instance a gush of air traveled through the house and pushed against the window, it just might force the PVC to bellow out enough to trip the alarm system (another missing back story) by cutting the electronic eye. Once or twice an accident is okay, but if it happens enough, ADT is gonna get irritated and start fining us for running out to false alarms. I spent more time undoing the overzealous tacking job and then pulling the PVC taut with pliers and retacking it.

When it was all done, it was dark and I still had lesson plans to write to be ready for week 10 and I still hadn’t studied Korean or done my homework (of writing an introduction in Korean). I worked on my lesson plans, then dinner was ready (kimchi soup with tuna, by my request). Meow and I ate dinner then got caught up on the two hours of X Factor we were trailing.

I finished two weeks of lesson plans at around 05.00 and considered going to be then, but I still hadn’t done my Korean homework. I took some time I probably, maybe should have been using for sleep and banged out most of an working introduction before turning in at 06.30. (My first class is at 11.00.)

Daily Report

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