Day 25

Friday | March 23rd, 2012


Today was the beginning of the fourth week at work because the semester began on a Friday. In my mind I know there are six more days to the week, but it already feels like that week is over as all the heavy and structured teaching is on Fridays. The rest of the week just feels like an exercise in fiddle-faddle.

I snapped a few pictures out a few windows. Something about the low clouds and the light.

I still didn’t get any lunch today, despite numerous do-or-die promises to myself. When it came time, it wasn’t the rain or cold or indecisiveness that killed the need, it was the tower. The unit is a skill execution of fugliness. Even decorated with an Apple sticker and Pokémon cards, it mocks me—neigh, it willfully pisses on every good design instinct I have and snickers when doing so.

I tried so many positions on my desk, left side, right side, center. I tried to cover it with rice paper (but didn’t want to sit at my desk late at night or on some weekend cutting vent-holes so the whole thing won’t catch fire. The tower has stickers all over it, ridiculous ones on the top, reminding me not to turn it upsidedown (thereby placing the vents on the bottom and burning down the castle); reciting elaborate model numbers and product keys; and denoting stupid things the computer already tells me when it starts up: that this is a SAMSUNG computer, that it has an INTEL inside, that it is running WINDOWS 7—these last three wouldn’t even peel off.

And the tower is noisy too. Even when it just sits there, the fans spin and push air through its multitude of vents. It had to go.

In my last class, two students hung on to finish up the activity. I gave them a little bump for caring and the girl who was done and could’ve bailed, she got a bump+ for staying and helping her partner finish the exercise. They don’t know this and I won’t tell them (just like they don’t know I snapped them when taking a shot of the classroom).

Of course, it made more sense a few minutes later when the girl gave the boy two double-takes as she was saying goodbye to me. And the boy was just flopping along like Goofy at the beach, surprised to notice the ocean was there too. I went ahead and told him to hurry up because the girl was waiting for him outside. The look on his face was priceless. Goofy at the beach, surprised to notice the ocean, that if he touches it it doesn’t runaway.

As far as I know, those two had never talked to each other before that class and that activity. Watching that scene unfold just made me all the more happy with my years.

It rained most of Friday. Not that warm summery rain of the other day, but the default cold stuff. After work, I couldn’t decide whether to take a cab for 2500 won or wait for a bus and spend 1000 won. I don’t know where I live in taxi language, so it was the bus. Here is where I really, really miss Seoul: the Seoul Bus app. All the buses in Seoul have GPS and bigger bus stops have GPS, but if you’re at a small stop you can punch up the stop’s ID and track the coming busses via the app. You can accurately assess how much freezing your ass off is required when choosing the bus over a taxi. It’s brilliant. In Gyeongju, no GPS. In the time I spent waiting for the bus, I could have walked home. But it was cold, I didn’t have gloves (I would look too silly with one glove, so I didn’t bring any gloves), and I didn’t want to catch a cold. I caught one anyway.

The bus dropped me off a few blocks from home. This meant walking in the rain and taking pictures in the rain (probably also where the cold creeped in more.

Again, I was seeing something with the light, but not really catching it the way I wanted. Between the wonky finger, the cold, and the rain, I think I just didn’t relax enough with the shots to get what I wanted. The only thing I can feel now, is the somewhat ominous nature of my building looming on the future … so-so.

I think this left me a bit unsatisfied for the day and instead of eating (and because Meow was in the middle of a big project), I spent some time doing product shots of ashtrays I picked up at Daiso the first week we were here.

I seems to be making a pattern of my Friday nights:

  1. come home
  2. chill
  3. eat
  4. fall asleep for 3-4 hours
  5. wake up restless
  6. do some writing; do lots of boredom style fiddling
  7. stay up until the wee hours
  8. make myself go to bed before sunrise
  9. sleep 5-6 hours
  10. greet my Saturday

This is not what I want.

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