Day 242

Friday | October 26th, 2012


Working and waiting for work to end so I could go home and see what mess ADT could make of my beautiful house. I had messages from Meow throughout the afternoon basically saying that ADT was still there installing stuff. I expected they’d be done when I got home, but they weren’t.

The motion sensors were still being installed and they are these big, bulkish cylon things. They redefine ugly and they jut out from the wooden corners of the house in a way which competes with and at once subverts the beams of the house.

I wanted to complain, but I what could I do? Meow needs to feel safe, the dogs need protection, the house doesn’t really lock up, and Mr. Rude will be back with more “throw your big dog away nonsense” someday soon. ADT and their CCTVs are a way to give Meow peace, secure our house, let us stress less when leaving the dogs home alone, and give Mr. Rude and others of his octogenarian ilk something to think twice about when approaching our wall.

But I did have cause to complain when they were folding up the install operation. I walked into the bedroom to find three massive ADT boxes bolted to the wall above the window (above). There is no way in this life or the next that I could sleep in my bedroom with that shit on the wall.

Why in Kipple’s name would anyone think that is a good place to put shit like this?? I was angry at Meow for letting them put this junk in our bedroom and said no way. If they didn’t move this technojunk to the boiler room I would take it out myself and the minute they left AND we wouldn’t pay them any money.

Of course they treated the whole situation like, “Hey, man, it was all cool until the crazy waygookin husband came home and flipped out over everything.” But they did move the ugly stuff out of my bedroom. It took them a lot of extra time, but they were flipped out about not getting paid, so they did it.

Meow and I talked when they were gone. She had tried to get them to not hang big fugly metal boxes in our bedroom, but the ADT guys didn’t really listen to her and made a bunch of excuses about the electrical boxes being right outside and saving electrical wire and other such nonsense. It actually took my flip out/upset to get it done how we both wanted, so that’s the game from now on when these jerks won’t listen to her about what we want, she’ll let them go ahead and waster their time, then I’ll come by and pretend to blow a gasket and swear a little at her. If this is what it takes to not have butt-ugly silver boxes with red and green blinking LEDs installed in our bedroom, then we are both down for the short con. Meow will even feign tears and terror for extra effect.

Or these jokers could just listen to my wife when she says don’t put that in the bedroom and save themselves about two hours of work. This must be Korea’s version of “get back in your binder.”

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