Day 240

Wednesday | October 24th, 2012


I swear, I expel more energy getting worked up over other people’s nonsense and sloth than anything else. This makes me want, nay, need to sleep more. Like today, I wanted to sleep this morning, but Twitchy kept barking and barking at something or other. I’m sure she thinks it’s important to tell me about every time someone walks by the gate or when the neighbors go up on top of their outside bathrooms. I know it’s scary for the dogs, but barking all morning on my day off really makes me sleep more.

This brings me to the situation of today when I did get up. It was around the time that Meow came home and I was telling her about Twitchy and someone called out from in front of our gate. Of course this spurred a new round of barking from both dogs. Instantly compounding the situation was that whoever this joker was, he wouldn’t identify himself and just kept yelling at Meow to open the gate which annoyed her and spooked the dogs even more.

The joker was really our neighbor to the left and our neighbor to the left is an asshole. And he wasn’t very neighborly. He was complaining about Twitchy’s barking and being quite rude whilst doing so. He spoke banmal (the lowest form of Korean) to my wife, which is the second thing that grants him asshole status. The first thing was when Meow was trying to explain to the guy that the dogs are scared and adjusting and they don’t bark as much as the little dog to our right and no dog barks as much as the giant sheep dog directly behind us. But this guy didn’t care and claimed the other dogs never barked that he could only hear our dog. He told Meow that we should throw her away (hence, he’s branded as asshole for all time no matter how many handicapped children he saves from the burning chemical plant that fell on the railroad tracks).

He bitched and bitched and bitched. Whatever Meow would say was counter with dump/throw away your dog. It ended with him threatening to sue us for dog barking too much or not throwing away our dog, I don’t know which, but I hate him.

This whole episode really freaked Meow out. Korean people like to kill each other’s dogs in situations like this. The favored way is to buy meat, fill it with poison and throw it in front of the dogs. Occasionally this happens and some thrifty grandma will pick up the meat and cook it for the family, then bam! Dead family. I don’t know if these are countryside stories or urban legends.

This whole episode expedited the security we’d talked about getting for the house. Meow immediately called ADT and a sales rep was visiting from Daegu in less than two hours. Meow wanted to put up a bunch of cameras and alarms, but I’m not comfortable having a CCTV camera covering my own courtyard. It shouldn’t bother me that much, but it does for some reason. We talked about this for the rest of the day pretty much before she called ADT back to discuss security packages.

I thought that the whole thing was overkill and paranoia but in the end, I relented because it’s hard to argue against forethought no matter what my comfort level might be and I want to protect my dogs. I don’t know what I would do without them.

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