Day 24

Thursday | March 22nd, 2012


Funny how the last slipping minutes of a day so ununique and humdrum can reshape the whole into a self-made drag. The one, tiny, teeny-tiny thing I set about to change on another site cascaded into a ball of irritation, like pulling a loose thread on a favorite shirt, then finding you’ve damaged it to the point where you no longer wish to wear it.

The web is different, things can be undone, but attempting to undo them the night before a big day of work is just the kind of silly distraction that has left me so burnt out in the past. I had to take a short cut and disable a bunch of things to let something stand or leave everything broken. I hate broken. Broken doesn’t work for me.

Broken is how I looked at the wad of cable mess when I walked into my office today. It took almost an hour of crawling about the floor to fix. I did the same thing in our bedroom tonight, as the new furniture had to be tweaked just so and the wad of broken underneath Meow’s new desk needed treatment. Too much of that nonsense will turn everything humdrum quick.

I finally took a moment our of the odd chores and paperwork generated by my new job to go and eat a meal. Perhaps this wasn’t the smartest thing, as it gave me a sense that I could work forever, countering the natural instinct of hunger which usually drives me home. At least it did at The Cosmodemonic Education Company. Today was much like a typical CEC day:

  1. drag self out of bed too early with not enough sleep
  2. take cab to work on account of spending too much time fiddling with imperfection
  3. arrive moments before start time
  4. sit at desk
  5. talk to people
  6. send emails
  7. talk to students
  8. sit at desk again
  9. sort of work and sort of listen to music
  10. stay at desk
  11. find food
  12. go back to desk
  13. play music louder because the sane ones have left the building
  14. miss the sunsetting
  15. go home late

The only things missing are:

  • be too tired to talk to Meow
  • eat late
  • not write / not take pictures
  • be on the bus with drunks who already finished work, got fucked up, and are now on their way home
  • being pissed about the whole situation the next day

I think this will be the only such day all semester. I can live with that.

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