Day 236

Saturday | October 20th, 2012


Saturday has been come date day for Meow and I. We go somewhere, pick up the various things we need for the house and then eat out together. Today, I wanted to go to the stationery store to get spray paint for some projects inspired by the successful repainting of the whiteboard frame in my office.

We met at Daiso to pick up odds and ends. On my way there, I saw the self-decorating cake place one of my students had told me about a few weeks earlier. It’s this chain where you go and buy layers then choose icing and ornaments and decorate the cake yourself. It’s a DIY cake joint, in other words, it’s exactly the kind of place that Meow would love. But before we could go play there, we had to eat (above).

Then we had to go to the stationery store because it made more sense to get out bags of goodies there, then build our cake, then cab it back to the house. At the stationery store, the eyes caught up with me (above). I bought some of every size they had with an eye on Halloween. A serious, like I gots the time to spill making my own costume kind of eye. I scooped up other things with that design in mind in addition to the sky blue, aquamarine, cherry red, orange, white, clear, black, yellow, and brown cans of spray paint.

At the cake shop (above left), I think we gave everyone there a mini-heart attack walking in. I’m not sure how many other non-Koreans know about the design-your-own cake joints, but I’m guessing none. Meow and I shoulda made some kind of plan because there are two very clear themes mucking about on our cake. She had a tree theme going and I was imagining a fireworks display. Our lack of conference and coordination meant we ended up with a nice looking tree and a chaotic explosion of confusing ideas to the right of that tree and LOVE cutting down the middle (above middle). Then I kept dropping my chips so I goofed up the sides (above right) pretty good to keep with the general pandemonium of it all.

At home, I attacked the uglier than fugly-ugly kitchen door with the two cans of yellow spray paint. Then when the smell and lack of surface coverage ate those two cans, I had to break out the third from my Halloween project reserve to finish off the door. The paint didn’t go on as smoothly as when I sprayed the black paint for the frame. And it stunk. I didn’t need to wear a mask with the black paint and it went where I wanted it to go. These yellow cans were down right toxic, drifting fumes into the deep interiors of the house, chasing the dogs inside, forcing me to dig up a face mask. This is how the door ended up perched under the short eave of the outside bathroom (above, both left and right). This is the farthest place from the kitchen were there is also a bit of shelter.

The Daily Bullet

Lastly, as the sun set, the dogs got their treat while Meow and I dove into our cake, a bright pink frisbee from Daiso. It was a major chew challenge for about 15 minutes until Twitchy was finally able to flip the whole sauce up sideways and leverage it against Naughty’s face. Then she immediately broke that nasty thing in pieces. That’ll teach frisbees not to tease her.

Daily Report

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