Day 23

Wednesday | March 21st, 2012


Wednesday, my day off, spent laying in bed either sleeping or worrying that my finger won’t clot. I actually gave up the idea of being active (didn’t want to push things) and just stayed there, watching the boob tube, which I rarely do.

No photography, just sitting, waiting. I hate that. I must have played a hundred game of Minesweeper Q on my phone (with tv on) before I remembered we have an iPad for a less squinty experience.

In response to this article, I thought about the free games I use and bought the ones I play too much (Minesweeper Q, for instance). While visiting the store I should stop going to, I grabbed something called … I have no idea what it is called, nor do I care. It only matters that it lets me build nice collages with my photographs (like above).

I also played with apps I’ve downloaded, but never actually made time to open, which enables me to make pervy Asiaphile images:

Some parting thoughts for today:

  • this post was typed with nine (9) fingers
  • 9 out of 10 fingers endorse Gyeongju’s awesomeness level
  • a piece of me will always be in Gyeongju

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