Day 22

Tuesday | March 20th, 2012


I cut my finger today … with a knife … while chopping. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. A few weeks ago, I cut into my hand with a pair of scissors because I was holding the thing being cut most retardedly.

I cut enough of my finger off that I felt strongly that I should go see a doctor, but not strong enough that I had to miss the furniture delivery in the process. It wasn’t a particularly chatty time, but the arrival (finally) of our European-styled wardrobes, matching desk and nightstands was a great pain-distracter.

I had pressure on my finger the whole time, but at the clinic it was revealed that my finger was still bleeding. It didn’t hurt too bad until the doc swabbed it with iodine. THAT I felt all the way up to my elbow. I screamed a tad. When it wouldn’t stop bleeding, the doc took out some kind of electrode to cauterize the flesh.

I laughed probably because it was ticklish, like a static shock. Then my laughter became screams and swearing. It felt a lot like getting a tattoo, except I was getting my tattoo inside a fresh wound. Eventually, the laughing, screaming, and swearing was a little much for Meow, the doc, and the nurse and they gave me a shot to numb my finger. That hurt quite a bit too. I screamed more and beat the wall. Then there was silence. I couldn’t feel much, just a funny zap-zap. Everyone thought I’d passed out.

It was fun when we left the doctor’s office after screaming and laughing so much because the waiting room was full. It was empty when we arrived, but full on exit. I wonder if I would have tried to contain myself if I’d known.

I got wrapped up and told not to move my hand until tomorrow. (This is the fourth left-hand only post today; the others are Idle Hands, Day 4, and Day 5.)

Tomorrow I get to see how bad the damage is. If the finger has clotted, that’s good and I’ll be fine. A short recovery. If it hasn’t clotted, that’s bad and I’m going to need surgery to stop the bleeding.

The whole visit without insurance (which hasn’t been processed because of the job change) was 17,400 won ($15.47 on today’s exchange). The meds, nine pills for one day (three after each meal; hopefully one is for clotting) and ointment, cost another $15. With insurance it likely would’ve been half that or less. The meds would likely be the same. Maybe a little less.

The insurance issue has many angles and many factors at play. The situation in Korea is not that of America, however … seriously, fuck you America. This was a stupid accident, but I’m terrified of how this would’ve played out had I lived there.

This is the only reason why I’m never going to live there again.

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