Day 215

Saturday | September 29th, 2012


Meow has a five day weekend and I have a three day weekend with my regular day off at the end of Meow’s holiday. With this great power we had planned as many next-on-the-list projects around the house as we could think of. The most monstrous of those tasks being on me to unpack and set up the bars in our walk-in closet (what else should we do with the spare room?). Meow had her list of things to do as well, most notably, bathing the two stinkiest dogs Gyeongju had ever known.

I woke up early to the unhappy sounds of Meow attempting to carry buckets of water from the bathroom into the courtyard to wash it. This is her way and knowing that she would try to do this in this way I had decided to let her be with it and she wasn’t happy about that or my sleeping. So, I got up early, like 08.30 on going to bed at 04.30 and not being able to sleep early, and set myself on the closet task.

We meant to order the bars before we moved in, but it just kept going into the ‘ooops! tomorrow’ box until moving day when there was no place to put all of our clothes and we have the movers just lay everything down in the closet room in stacks. Even then, our stuff had sat like this for a week. This task more like: move all the clothes and blankets and textiles to one side of the room; set up the closet bars; hang up as much of the other side of the room as possible; assemble other set of bars; leave Meow to her own devices to sort her things.

Two things surprised me: 1) all this only took about three hours (my end of it anyway) and 2) even after Meow spent much of the day sorting her clothes she still had half her rack open (and now she can buy more clothes and have a place to land them).

I spent other parts of my day putting hinges on my wall, tweaking things, cleaning things, moving things. We were trying to get the place set up for our Chuseok dinner guests. The in-laws opted to stay in Seoul for the holiday and not experience the five hour drive made into the ten hour drive or suffer public transit (the rails).

Meow ordered these fancy kits off the internet which when assembled look like space-agey, hippie co-op shelving (above) with chicken wire viewports. Near the end all this home improvement action, I thought I would conquer the big shelf as well.

It took me three hours to get to step 4. I’m not saying it was buffoonery on my part. More like my perfectionism was severely knee-capped by the anal-retentive design of the shelving and my refusal to use our new power drill to assemble the kit. No matter what I did, the boards wouldn’t line up and there was always a 1-2mm crack somewhere or 1-2mm sticking out where things should have been flush. step 4 was achieved, finally, when I sat on the shell before driving my screws in.

I spent 12 hours working on the house or house things today. After the forever shelf I took a break for the rest of the evening and watch more of Boardwalk Empire.

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