Day 209

Sunday | September 23rd, 2012


It’s often difficult to sleep in a strange room. Last night was a strange room, in a strange house, with the loudest crickets in my adult memory orchestrating death ambiance between spontaneous Twitchy barks. If I was lulling away in the magic of Pinocchio’s little buddy’s family, I would suddenly be thrust back to the waking, walking dead drunks of Gyeongju schlepping through the alley and past our gate.

Poor Twitchy, every pin drop was another enemy at the gates or a scout from the Mongrel horde on the other side of a great wall. And Naughty, the faithful young lad that he is, would spring from his slothly slumber and support his captain on the wall. Every moment or so of the night was another episode of, “Mommy! Daddy! Someone is here! I need to tell you, some ONE is HERE!”

This made Sunday drip. In the morning I slept while Meow calmed the dogs. When I got up, Meow slept in the afternoon and I took a turn tending to and playing with the dogs. Twitchy and I made a new game. She runs in the courtyard and I chase her. If she stops, I grab her leg, which she hates. Not wanting me to grab her leg drives her on, even when I poop out, she still does sprints back and forth. I reach out each time she passes me trying to grab her leg.

I didn’t do much else with the day except sit and stare at the house. Or the clouds. I can’t believe we are here. In less than a year I’ve gone from working 60 hours a week, going to school full-time, trying to have kids, saving money, living in Seoul, and never seeing Meow to working 15 hours a week, living in a house I own, playing with two dogs every day, saving twice as much money, living in Gyeongju, and seeing Meow all the time. It’s like all the things that weren’t even on the list of life snuck in and got to the top before all the mainstays.

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