Day 208

Saturday | September 22nd, 2012


Certain things are becoming habit this year and slinking off with dogs during times of big household upheaval is one of them. Like the move in February, I hung around for a bit, then got tasked to “dog manage”. Compared with Meow’s self-appointed task of talking with the movers and directing the bigger picture of taking one set of things, removing them from our house, and then implanting those things in a different house, dog managing is the better of the deals (I think). That doesn’t mean it isn’t so boring that I want to gnaw-off shotgun butts though.

Like the move in February, I stayed up the night before packing, or mad-packing all the tech and little boxes of seeming useful knick-knacks so every thing would have the chance to no-be-broken-or-lost by the destination reshelving. I also pack up the electronics lest anyone get any funny ideas when breaking afternoon sweat and to decrease (significantly) the possibility of damage. But all this late-night activity and the general boxing up and not cleaning takes a toll on a dog (above) that doesn’t quite have the number of connected neurons to know that in less than 24 hours she will be sleeping in new digs.

Part of the tradition of waiting around with the dogs is to take pictures of the neighborhood from the roof (above left and right) which we are sequestered to. It’s a good way to remember the hood, where I been, how I was, how things were, and to always have a clear picture of what was given up. I only wish I’d thought of this ten years ago. While I have pictures of Samik New Town, none of them capture that leaving moment (there is one photo, but it’s private). In the same vein, I lack sufficient images of my flat in Ch’ilgok, which I loved immensely, nor do I have any of the day I left early again (to go to a funeral) and walked out of the darker depresso hovel I was moved into. There may be images of my first flat in Seoul, but again, no leaving images. I took so many of my second flat in Seoul, which I loved even more than the one in Ch’ilgok. (I believe I will and probably already do love my hanok more than any place I’ve lived in Korea.)

Dogs tied up on the roof (above), more tradition. They didn’t like being tied up much. And I suspect that in this image I’ve caught Twitchy whispering to Naughty, “Whatever happens … DON’T DRINK THE MILK!” For the last move and the drive down to Gyeongju, we gave them milk with sleeping medicine hoping to knock them out for the four and a half hour drive. But all it did was make them groggy, throw up, take massive dumps in the rest area and generally stare WTFIGO?? at me a lot.

How the possessions entereth, the possessions leaveth (above), meaning through the window in the sun room which never saw much action. It was supposed to be Meow’s work room, but she ended up doing everything in the bedroom in front of the TV which drove me nuts (TV sucks, btw) and made me spend too much time isolated in the second bedroom far removed from everything and not paying attention to much. Wherever we go from here and however this hanok adventure turns out, I will never allow the TV to be in the bedroom again.

I took the dogs over to the house after the movers broke out the ladder truck to start whipping stuff out of the flat and loading the truck. It was nice to be at the house, but it was also a bit boring as there was n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Nothing, unless you count 3G coverage which I used for mundane activities like checking my email every 2-3 seconds. I took a lot of pictures. I ate the rest of my crackers leftover from the Shim-o-rama.

Our movers (above) were better than the lot who brought us down from Seoul and for the most part they put everything were Meow’s detailed map told them they had to put things. The problem with moving though is always the same: once you land your gear in a different place, putting it the same way no longer makes sense. I spent a lot of time trying to reconfigure my office space while new loads landed at my stoop (yeah, I’ve got a stoop outside my office).

Saturday night was just a flatline of emotive goshness. For some reason I have a house now. This objective wasn’t slated to even lift-off for another three years. I didn’t expect to have this before turning 40.

Twitchy had a rough go, objective met or not. Everything was bark worthy. Each sound, near ones and far ones. Everything new and different and odd. Most importantly everything was wrong. For Twitchy and Naughty, the new house denies them their beloved sofa which they’ve slept on since they came to live with us. Also denied is inside in generally. The dogs have their own place in the boiler room, but Twitchy (above) wasn’t gonna have any of that.

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