Day 205

Wednesday | September 19th, 2012


Look at that! It looks like a hardware store (hero image, top) and it is a hardware store.

After I finished with the pantry floor and reno-guy had left Meow and I ran off to take care of two more tasks on our pre-moving list: get ddeok and get a jigsaw. The ddeok (떡, rice cake) is what you’re supposed to give to your neighbors when you move into the area. Meow has never once cared about my neighbors or any neighbor, so watching her insist we get ddeok is new and interesting. I guess it’s the difference of knowing you’re going to live somewhere for a long time and thinking that you’ll move out in a couple of years to a better place.

We knew the ddeok place we wanted to go because we stopped there and had cold drinks on one of our walking days about two months ago. In fact, it was the same day (Day 144) that we made the downpayment on our house. Meow took two catalogues from this shop knowing that we would need/want ddeok in the near future. Neither catalog could be found so we took a taxi to find it again. We ordered our ddeok and they do deliveries, even on Sunday, so the whole ddeok thing got checked off quickly.

Next was the jigsaw. Meow said she’d seen a big tool place on her bike ride to work, so another cab for a little bit and we were dropped off in front of another, smaller shop. I felt like we should go to the one Meow always sees though. I really glad we did. I was blown away. It wasn’t a power tool shop, it was it true, no shit, hardware store. With a wall of power tools. I asked some questions about the jigsaws, picked one and then was sent upstairs to check it out.

Upstairs was even cooler. More power tools. And wires, clamps, safety boots, rain gear … I didn’t see coveralls, but I know they’re there. Back downstairs was a lot of me looking in buckets and containers for the perfect nail or screw. I would ask Meow about stuff and they’d run off and show it to me. I asked about the white tape you wrap around water pipes before screwing them together (the kitchen faucet leaks). They couldn’t get what I was on about, but then I saw it under the counter in front of the cashier. I found everything. Even stuff that Meow and I were going to order online, they had.

Back at the house I only had a wall left to make. I carried one of the big sheets of plywood that I had MS help carry into the house by myself. Maybe I was driven. I was a pain to fish out, but it got done. I figured out how to support it (above) and measured the space in the boiler room and started using my new jigsaw (after a brief review of the manual because I like my fingers where they are).

Yeah, I built that (above). There is no way in this lifetime or the next, with Digimon powers or enough soju pumping through her veins that Twitchy could knock that down. That space is for the door. I forgot to buy hinges. But … any excuse to get thee to the hardware store is a good one.

The Daily Bullet

This shot and the one near the top are at a point sometime in the day when I was taking a breather. This is what it looks like to sit down on the real pantry floor and look out.

Daily Report

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The Fourth Wall

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This Old Hanok

When we had the bathroom done, we wanted to design our own window for the part of the wall which straddles the storage space along the side of the house. This way we could have clean airflow through

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