Day 192

Thursday | September 6th, 2012


Another beautiful day and an even better walk to and from work today. I was thinking today about how when we move in a few weeks, I won’t have a good reason to go so far out of my way to go across the footbridge.

On the way to work, there was plenty to see and the light was great. I remembered that last semester I had a thing about shoving off a little earlier when walking because I almost always saw something I wanted to take a picture of. Today was no exception.

The red peppers were out again (above left, in the back of a truck; above right, on the corner of a parking lot). Different people, different batches. I got it now. Red peppers out, drying in the sun means it ain’t gonna rain anytime soon. Next year I’ll be more diligent about red peppers versus the weather instead of noticing them as a country happenstance as I did on Day 155 and a week later in Things Around VI.

On the way home I went that way and saw that I’d walked that way home since probably May or maybe even April. It takes a little bit longer and I also started cabbing and bussing out of sloth last semester.

I shot today’s Daily Bullet there from across the river. The greens were so heavy and lush and … green. So different from the first days I walked around Gyeongju wondering if Meow and I could live here back in January (see Item #21).

Work was a day of free-form classes and my least favorite activity in the whole world: fucking with a PC (above). This one needs English XP, but the CD-ROM drive is kaput. It’s also slower than a constipated elephant, which is why I took a shot of the RAM. Add another one of those and the speed will make its user cry, that is if, if the IT department replaces the CD drive. I put in a request today, maybe tomorrow I’ll be lucky enough to play with the same computer.

Tonight I made dinner. Maybe this was my first full-fledged multi-dish meal since the Idle Hands incident (finger still growing back; people still ask me how my finger is doing).

It was a good dinner. Italian and Southwestern influences. Pan-toasted bread with the tomato sauce I made the other day (spaghetti is not a complex enough meal to warrant special attention) and parmesan cheese on top, retoased in the little oven. Tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and pepper (plus a little salt on mine). Baked beans, straight from a can (why mess with greatness?). And the coup de grace, garlic sausages (Gavin’s) with mushrooms and bell pepper, thyme and pepper added for seasoning. The last time I put this much effort into cooking was on Day 6 (and after taking a picture of my meal, I decided to start this blog)

It was an unnoticed but much needed break from Korean cuisine. After our meal, went naturally (almost habitually now) went to our house where I got to play with my very own Millenium Falcon.

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