Day 187

Saturday | September 1st, 2012


Sometimes certain days seem to take for-ever to arrive and then when they finally do, the whole day is a wash somehow; nothing is right or what was expected. Saturday was a day like that.

I had a ton of work to do to get ready for the new semester and friends parting ways (yet again) in Seoul. I put both things off to oversee, or rather watch, the wood dude coming to our house to build up the floor in the pantry space (and add some height to our wall for more privacy). I moved everything aside to make sure that it got done right and with the least amount of mistakes possible. (And why not? Everyone involved in the project so far has admitted they’ve never built a floor before.)

I slept late and we didn’t find need to go over to the house until after twelve. But there was nothing happening at the house. No wood dude. No construction. No wood delivery. Just everything shoved aside … for nothing.

We spent sometime kicking around (I took pictures of all the junction boxes in the ground); waiting to see if anyone was going to show up and do anything. I tried to get a sense of my future office space (above). I brought Meow into the room and we talked about my future plans for the room, how I wanted to build a desk / bunkbed / storagey-thingy and how there would be no contractors. Just me. Me and a box of tools. Me and a box of tools and a drawing. I went on about how I was gonna do it right: draw and plan; figure out how much wood I needed and what sizes; take it slow and work during vacation. And how cool it was gonna be.

Looking out from my future office to the right and the left. I’m going to need a real door in a few months. The doors to the office only have rice paper and no glass (unlike all the other windows which have glass or glass and rice paper).

After a while when no one showed up, we shoved off home. I used the rest of the day to plow into my “ton of work”. Most notably on the deck was a universal Excel template for grading (hero image, top). When I conceived of the project last semester, I figured it would take me 2-3 days to plug in all the equations and test them. Actually it took more like 4-5 days because of the math involved (not crazy hard stuff, but annoying has to equal 100% stuff), perfecting the layout (hopefully someone will give a damn about that and time will have been well spent), and the additions which aren’t really needed but I like and use them and thought maybe someone else would too.

I did finish this today. That was a sort of prideful accomplishment. Nothing like getting a floor built, but it was something.

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