Day 184

Wednesday | August 29th, 2012


Wednesday was a lot of loafing about for both Meow and I. Of course she had a few classes to go to, but mostly it was her waiting for reno-guy to call about when to meet and go pick out wood for the pantry and the wall.

The pantry is the small room off of the kitchen. We had the doorway to the bathroom blocked up and busted a new one out into the laundry room to better connect the whole house and make all the rooms accessible from the inside. The pantry will have its floor built up with a bit of storage space underneath. This was primarily a “we can store our kimchi under here” sell to Meow. When she found something similar on the net where a couple had built a deck space on their veranda with storage underneath, it was a done deal.

There will be two refrigerators sitting on this built up floor and two sections to lift up (like the Millenium Falcon) and have access to the storage space underneath. The reno-guy said he could do this. It should have been good to go.

Only, when we get the call and go meet, experience another round of bathroom shock, get to the wood joint and start to rap about building this floor, he says he’s never done it before. He wants to use 2x4s because they’re strong. Both he and the wood ajuma shoot down are request for nice hardwood flooring, too fragile they say and it won’t support any refrigerator. Well, duh. That’s why you put that over the plywood.

This ropes me into a discussion about designing this floor and how they should build a frame with strong supports, then use plywood for strength. Then use another sheet of plywood going the other way. Then put the nice floor on top of that. Lots of drawings are made after this as everyone tries to get on the same page about how to do this. Somehow, I’m the only one who’s ever put floor down.

The only part that was easy was looking at the wood to heighten our wall. My burning question was whether they had pressure treated wood or whether some cheap China wood was gonna go in and rot out after a season. Pressure treated timber: yes. That’s all I wanted.

Meow and I went straight to a pig joint after this to chow down. I had plans for later, but first a pit stop back at the flat. I caught the dogs doing something odd (above) a few minutes before I left. Naughty just glazed at me and rolled his head away. The second I snapped the picture both of them vaulted up and ran in different directions. Twitchy came up to me with a ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, oh hey, let’s play!’ kind of look.

I shared the picture with Meow, who never believes this stuff when I tell her, then for me it was off to meet CH for some much needed alcohol. Honey makgeolli has made this summer better somehow. Sweeter and more refreshing. After two bowls and hours of talk, I wandered home to play with Meow and the dogs. We all took a long walk together and totally let slip this house bullshit, then everyone went to sleep.

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