Day 181

Sunday | August 26th, 2012


One more thing to do before we can exit Seoul and run away to the countryside. Go to one more wedding and force one more buffet down our swollen gullets.

This one was more normal style. The wham, bam, glitter overload one comes to demand from their Korean wedding hall experience was all there. Plus a few extras to, you know, make it slightly unique so one wedding could maybe differentiated from all the others going on at the same wedding hall on the same day. This one had a live band (yesterday’s did as well). This one had a stand up bass player reading the music off of his iPhone (above left)—that’s new. The couple to be walked on a long runway made of tvs which played video of CG fish swimming around. This wedding had an old fossil who went on and on about something.

I started wondering if he used the same speech for every wedding he would officiate today. Or any day. Does his head explode from having to say the same thing over and over? Is he allowed to interject his own thoughts or does he have to follow a wedding hall approved list of things to say to new couples? Does he mac on the young women who dot (any) the wedding hall? Or is he a creepy old man who pinches their butts? Do these girls ever get married? If they do, do they get married at the wedding hall where they work, or do they seek some privacy and go elsewhere? How long do wedding halls let these young ladies work there? Is it like the airline industry where they slap a shelf life on you and you’re expired at age 29? Can these girls move up in the rankings? Can they become the woman who constantly arranges the bride’s dress for each impending shot of false memory? So many wedding hall questions at this point.

We ate our third buffet with MIL and FIL who was very happy we came out and impressed his old friend. FIL told Meow she used to play with the woman getting married when she was young. Meow can’t remember this. The food was better than PD & JK’s wedding buffet, but not better than their after party. I just didn’t care anymore. I was mainly glad they had ice cream. I like my buffet with soft serve ice cream, particularly the vanilla + chocolate flavor that swirls both out together. A lot of wedding halls forgo the all important dessert aspect or just have some stale cake and 떡 (ddeok, rice cake; nasty yuck). Having ice cream is to me, a mark of effort at having a good buffet. I like effort.

We got to Seoul Station early and changed out tickets to an earlier time. I paid for Meow’s tickets to Seoul and back. It’s been a good summer for me and I have more money again and it’s good to spend some of that on Meow. We rode back to Gyeongju in first class. The leg room is better for me but less consequential for Meow.
Meow also couldn’t appreciate first class because she was sicker and slept most of the way down.

There is no more free tea or coffee in first class (like there was a few years ago); just free sleeping blinds and earphones. I doubt I’d spend an extra 20,000 to get two hours more space again. I’m not sure why people do at all, especially without freebees.

It was great to be in Gyeongju again. There was no rain like when I had left on Thursday morning. Only blisteringly bright sun and clear skies (above, both).

The one thing that Meow and I really wanted to do was go by the house and see. After The Bathroom Crisis, Bathroom Details, Bathroom Purgatory, and finally some Bathroom Unity, we didn’t know what to expect anymore—except that the bathroom not be fucked up for once.

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