Day 176

Tuesday | August 21st, 2012


I was supposed to go into work yesterday, but managed to put it off by classic oversleeping and procrastination. The price for not going in though was tedious. No less than three people came out of the summer hideaway woodwork to nag me about the project server being down. After spending much of last week saying August 20 was the day I would have time again to do things like reboot a server, then not doing it … yeah.

So today, I really had to do it. To mark the occasion I wore my bright yellow ‘I’d Rather Be in Japan’ t-shirt, although it would have been more apt if it had said, ‘I’d Rather Be Nailgunning Myself to Japan’. Work sucks. Always and truly. No matter how much I may enjoy my job, like my office, or take pride in my position, work still sucks. Rebooting computers also sucks. Computers should be left on. Most systems are built that way. People who still take the time to shutdown their systems each day don’t really understand computers or electricity.

Maybe I was bitter about going in on such a nice day.

Like I knew I would, I spent hours futzing with the server, which was fine, but it took two hours of me pouring through the logs and checking various stupid little things for me to be sure it was fine. I’m not sure that people know what they are doing when they ask me if they can reboot the server. No less than three people asked me if they could do it since they were at work and I wasn’t. Why none of them possessed the Midas touch … I think I need to write down a clean reboot procedure and tape it on the server.

Ah, but that is … more work.

It should also be noted that in moving stuff around my desk to make room for the server in my office (so it could be rebooted at any time in the future and not be in a locked office full of niccompoops), that I found cause to move the phone, which led me to play with its menu system while I tried to think of a version of my desk without a worthless office phone that would only accept calls from another land line—a perpetually stupid configuration when every single teacher and student has their own cellphone. The menu system on this phone almost made itself useful by teasing me with an English language option. But it doesn’t work and the phone just kept telling me that the process failed. This led to a hour of scouring the internet for a manual, running into Samsung’s ridiculous OEM only manual distribution system—only customers who bulk order systems (read: like 100 phones at once) are allowed access. This is for an IP landline phone. There is also a pin number locking down certain features and it is probably preventing changes to the system language as well. Why, why, why would someone language lock a digital phone in Korean for an English department with native English speakers?

This whole experience ate time. The server. The new desk configuration. The phone. I have a feeling that the phone will find its way into my cabinet soon. I’m willing to give it one more semester (or maybe just until midterms) to receive one phone call from a student. Then it goes in the trash drawer.

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