Day 159

Saturday | August 4th, 2012


Twas a beautiful day today, I think. The cloud photographs are from another day—I think.

Meow met another interior designer this morning but I bowed out of the engagement on account of being sicker than I was the day before, the day before before, and much more than the day before before before. Her meeting was at 10.00, I think. Maybe 11.00. I don’t know when she left or when she came back because I slept until almost four.

Meow gave me a summer cut and I vacuumed the bedroom after a shower. Then I spent the remainder of my energy cleaning up my room office for the company we’re expecting tomorrow.

I wasn’t feeling any better, maybe a tad given the extra sleep, so Meow got fed up with my wonky Western medicine (alternating doses of acetaminophen and Ibuprofen) and plied me with chicken soup. She also got on my case when I didn’t gobble it up hot. (Koreans believe eating hot food makes you sweat more and pushes out the sickness; I think all the cleaning and the chicken soup itself did the trick though.)

By late Saturday night I felt well more better enough to stay up late watching Battleship. It was a board game, now it’s a movie with Liam overactorator Neeson; the drink high school football player from Friday Night Lights; cookiecutter singer and Eurotrash/Gaga wannabe Rihanna; the “bad” vampire from True Blood; and that really bizarre guy from Ghostbusters II.

$200,000,000 later, it finally gets pirated and I can watch it for free and the burning question: was it worth it? For free yes. Stupid fun. Only a moron would hate a film where the protagonist drops the anchor of the USS Missouri to make the battleship do a really fast and tight 90° turn in the Pacific Ocean so they can line up the torrents and destroy them nogood homopods with bristle beards and fish eyes who traveled all the way from another Earth-like planet to steal all the Freedom Fries in Hawaii. Heck, if you hate Battleship the movie, you probably hate Battleship the game along with Connect Four, Survive!, and Parcheesi. In effect, you hate my childhood. Hating Battleship is like hating me and I’m gonna hate you right back.

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