Day 157

Thursday | August 2nd, 2012


So now we have a house? Yesterday we just sat there trying to suck it all in. A little shocked, a little crusted in a state of disbelief.

Today we were more business-like. Get to the house. Leave the dogs outside to play and poop (hopefully in the garden beds). Go inside. Measure. Make decisions. Write things down. Make a plan. What does one do with a house, exactly?

Thankfully, I remembered to measure the washing machine before we left. Meow thinks it’s all about the washing machine, but it isn’t. My thing is with the house (see layout above), specifically three rooms which we designated 1 (the bathroom), 2 (the pantry), and 3 (the laundry room).

The bathroom needs work (below, right). It has no toilet. We have a toilet, I call it the “out toilet”. We can use this. We could suck it up and only use this, but then we have a crap bathroom with no sink, a scuzzy bathtub, and a crummy shower. We agreed to spend the money to put the things we wanted into the bathroom if we bought the house. It will take the bulk of our remodeling money, but in exchange, I will be able to not brave the ice, snow, and minus 10° C weather to pee.

There is a door from the bathroom to the pantry (below, middle), but no door from the pantry to the laundry room. If we put the washing machine in the laundry room, we will have to brave the ice, snow, and minus 10° C weather to get there. But … if we cut a hole in the wall between the pantry and the laundry room (below, left), we can access the whole house from inside the house. That would be really cool for me, since my office is only currently connected to the laundry room and going to be would mean braving the ice, snow, and minus 10° C weather to get there.

So we go on like this for an hour or two and make our list of 8 things we need before we can live there. Things like floors and lights will come next year. We might remodel room by room, starting with the kitchen (stove!). The important thing is working up the list (which we did) and getting together with some remodelers and getting some quotes on how much this will cost us.

After it starts to get hotter and I’m dying more because of the flu or something (in the middle of a heatwave), I go home and Meow (ever the impatient) announces that she wants to ride around on her bike and find an interior decorator. Later in the afternoon when I wake up (because I crashed immediately after coming in), Meow tells me everyone was closed because of vacation. She did meet with one guy and he looked over the bathroom and quoted 3,500,000 won.

She called the realtor and asked her to recommend someone. Tomorrow I need to get up and go with Meow to meet them at 10.00. I would rather sleep off whatever’s beating me down, but like getting the list worked out, we need these details settled so we can keep going forward.

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