Day 151

Friday | July 27th, 2012


Another half day in Pohang or another day of little ants under a magnifying glass. All parables fit within the acts that played out today. The horde of little monsters (or ants) ushered onto a bus back to mommy and daddy and the erstwhile handlers cheering and dancing once the bus dropped off the edge of the knoll (perhaps the best scene I’ve seen so far this summer). There will be two more batches in the coming weeks, but for now another week of vacation has begun.

More hot weather (or magnifying glass). More lies from the Yahoo™Man (see thumbnail for lie-scope). More afternoon napping—what’s a boy to do in this heat anyway? It’s not like there’s a fire hydrant around, the river is an algae cesspool of animal excrement and industrial run off (at least that’s how it smells year-round, like something from a Simpsons episode). Meow made a tactical decision months ago to not fix the AC unit in our flat, how hot could this summer get? The last two were nothing, a few days here and there where she dug up the remote and let the freon flow. I wasn’t consulted. I would have pointed out that typing on an aluminum keyboard in a swelter is no fun, let’s plunk down our coins and fix the machine. Alas, now we a new house on the way, why plunk anything into a place that not only isn’t ours, but one which we shan’t be living in in another six months. For that matter why clean? Why pick up? Why bother with much at all? It is vacation after all and these criss-crossing just compound and compress into larger social issues in this flat.

Meanwhile, the dogs, blissfully unaware of all except the heat, struggle to cool themselves by huffing their days down to the midnight air, waiting patiently for a walk that might come or might not. If we have a system, the dogs haven’t cracked it yet. They do not know which signal, which lever, which retardedly cute look to thrust in our direction that will compel us above the broil to don clothing and shoes (dear god, the shoes are little ovens!) and follow them, or rather Twitchy, into the night so they may sniff and piss and crap their way to a peaceful slumber heavy on the fatigue with a slice of lethargy.

The Daily Bullet

Daily Report

I didn’t sleep last night. I struggled to write or create a script that would grab an .mp3 from a folder, open it, insert markers in pre-determined places, split the audio file into eleven segments based on those

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Out beyond the fake lake (Bomun) for Christmas Day lunch at a place called the Healing Kitchen. It’s all farms and hilltops here. And roads to more farms and hilltops. Except for the noise from the cars, I

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The Fourth Wall

I’m here and alive. Ten days behind the reality of my written life, yet here and alive. TOEIC is the predominant motif of life from the end of the semester until … today. This is the end, after

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This Old Hanok

When we had the bathroom done, we wanted to design our own window for the part of the wall which straddles the storage space along the side of the house. This way we could have clean airflow through

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