Day 150

Thursday | July 26th, 2012


Something’s not right and I’ve finally worked out what it is. I’ve been taking the weather app on my phone as gospel, when actually it’s a widget powered by a floundering-for-years former internet darling, Yahoo. All week Yahoo has been telling me it’s 33°, 34°, maybe 35° on a “hot” day. Today I didn’t believe a word of it—33° C is 91.4° F. I can survive 91, so why am I sweating, nay gushing buckets? Must be the humidity, that’s the real dog of summer suffering. Yahoo says the humidity is 62%. Something totally doesn’t add up. The figures for Pohang were I’ve been all week are much the same, yet a walk across the lawn has my wanting to swim in a (freshly flushed) toilet for sanctuary.

I pulled up a Korean weather app just now and I see the real stats for today:

high temperature 38° C (which is 100.4° F); humidity 82%

“They are liar!” (to abscond with a quote from an admin at work). A liar company with broken software, it’s almost clichß.

Meet the stinkiest game (above) ever mandated by an unprepared teaching staff: Make a Line. Directions: take whatever you have on your person and use it to construct a line, the longest one possible, with your teammates. What a great game on a 100° day! Towards the end of the time limit on line construction, into the judging phase, and during the clean up, the scene stunk like being trapped under a pile of sweaty summer socks after a ball game.

This is in a big room, too, but there wasn’t a corner or crag that could give a man’s nose a bit of peace. It was better just to scurry off and hide on another floor.

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