Day 149

Wednesday | July 25th, 2012


For some reason, surely not stress, surely not drinking, surely not illness, more than likely just not sleeping enough in this damned summer heat (hot inside, hot outside, hot during the day, hot during the night, just hot, hot, hot, hot). I caught my ride, did my two hours, then caught my ride back to Gyeongju—half day today, something about going to Gyeongju World (a water park near Bomun Town). I came through the door, may or may not have patted two heat suffering dogs, set up the fan to twist and blow, and bombed out on the bed.

I’m not really certain of those coming home events or even how long I slept. Meow also has a half day on Wednesdays and I think she crashed out when she came home too. When we did wake up we had lots to talk about, some of it house stuff, some moving stuff, so retrospective relationship life-ish stuff—which is almost compulsory given the amount of change we have been through since September.

(Left and right) Another Gyeongju house eats. Not a hanok this time, but more of my single story dong falling for four floor villas.

We paid some attention to our heat depressed dogs. I think Naughty will die before the summer finishes. He can’t take the heat (and there’s no kitchen to get out of). He can’t take the cold either, but the he is even less tolerant of the heat. Tonight I took pity on him and set him in the kitchen sink with the water running over him. Usually he runs from bath and shower time, but he just stood there looking up at me with an expression that pretty much said, ‘You asshole, you’ve have this power all day and didn’t do this??!’ He didn’t even get out of the kitchen when I put him back down. Just stared. I have a metaphysical borehole in my head.

Twitchy came over to him and instead of jealous you-got-what-I-didn’t-get tackling, she just licked all the cold water off of his body. Really, I’m not sure how many dogs I’m going to have at the end of this summer. Meow keeps saying he has to get used to it and suck it up because August will be so much worse. His death-like mannerisms have me worried. I don’t think a hot and cold sensitive dog should have to suck it up.

The Daily Bullet

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