Day 146

Sunday | July 22nd, 2012


I didn’t do much today (not if you choose not to count the fictional conquering of the pesky Russian and Zulu empires). Digesting … I guess. Last night I had a lot of neurotic dreams about the week ahead. I’ve gone ahead and packed another (paid) activity into my summer. Whereas the TOEIC Camp money will all be wired to America, whatever else I make this summer goes to my pocket. Everything is earmarked, of course, it’s been sucky to have so much time and have to feel like I’m scraping by, even if it’s just in my personal finances.

In the dreams, everything that could go wrong did. Mostly they were about being late or not being able to find or get to the place I needed to be. This activity will take me to Pohang, a costal city maybe 45 minutes away that I visited once ten years ago.

That event was something an off hand experience, one which was semi-documented with pictures. My pal GS was also in his first year and liked to travel. He had a hankering for a swim at the beach. With two girls in tow, we headed to Daegu Station one night after work. On the way there, the taxi driver said he would drive us to Pohang and the girls negotiated a price. He drove us from Daegu to Pohang on a Friday night for 70,000 won. When we got there he said he was hungry and the girls said to was polite to buy him food, so we all went to eat raw fish and drink soju together. After that was a singing room. The guy wanted to go to a third place with us, but the boys were more insistant that we cut him loose and find a place to bed down without him in along for the ride. The next day went beach hunting. GS wanted some place secluded where he could swim naked. We ended up at Chilpo Beach and moved away from the crowds by crossing a small river, then walking more until we had the privacy GS wanted. It was there that I swam in the East Sea, gulped way too much saltwater, took a picture of a rusted refrigerator on the sand, and we found a bottle. We wrote a note and stuck it in the bottle. We fantasized about the bottle and the note when we threw it out into the water. Where would it go? Who would find it?

We didn’t really know Korea at all. It’s all funny now, but nine or ten years ago it was frustrating as heck sometimes.

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