Day 142

Wednesday | July 18th, 2012


I had to wake and be at the dong office today to meet Meow and get our stamps registered. I kept snoozing and snoozing my alarm for the longest time. I’ve no idea what the dream was, but it was enough of a disconnect between where I had to be and where I was to keep the cycle going for a few hours.

Meow registered her new stamp and the dong office with ease, but we were sent to city hall to register mine. Once there we were sent to desk six, then to desk something else. At first the lady said I couldn’t do it without my passport, but BAM! I foresaw that occurrence. Everything was given to her and she had us sit down because it was “going to be a while”. She made a big show of papering up her desk, fetching things from back room locked cabinets, and dilly-dallying with her computer. Then she finally looked at my stamp and put brakes on the whole endeavor.

You can’t register a stamp that doesn’t match you ___(insert magical paper here)___. If I want to register a stamp it has to say Caleb J. Cook on it. This settles a curiosity of whether the registered stamp was a symbol representative of a person or a name symbolized. Figures, Korean did invent both wooden and metal block printing. Of course they would use a stamp system in this way (as legally binding signatures).

At some point, some day, the Korean government and I are gonna battle (Pokémon style) or my name. When I got here in 2002, some foolbox wrote my name as 케일랩쿡 and I’m stuck with that on a lot of my documents. Nevermind (apparently) that it can and should be spelt more tightly, bureaucratic rulez.

After this icecapde, Meow needed cake. We set about finding a Paris Croissant or Baguette or Tous le Jours. This turned into a six kilometer walk in—partly in a giant circle around city hall (see map below; red = wrong turn, green = finally figuring it out)—looking for a bakery before giving up and going to Tous le Jours downtown.

I carried Meow’s work bag the whole time (we met outside because she didn’t want to carry the thing up to our flat, then go out again). She’s right, it is pretty heavy.

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