Day 123

Friday | June 29th, 2012


Day one, two, three: BAM! Friday now, getting the hang of the bag I’ve been handed. Although, spending and hour and a half configuring a computer lab blows. Worse, I’ll have to do the same schtick every time as all the systems reboot from a frozen state. No IT love-glove will help ease that pain. They just don’t care. If … a giant if … if I’m in this boat again, I’ll be reaching out farther in advance to get these kinks worked out. (And I’ll do that with a case of soju, if necessary.)

The IT department is sheltered in this new building where I must go each day to collect the key card and key for the lab (they have sharing issues too). This is where I found the gold Buddha yesterday while waiting around for a security guard to pass the keys off to.

This is what the keys to the magical computer lab castle look like. There is next to nothing worth stealing in this room. Talking near bottom of the barrel Samsung-wanna-be-Dell towers that weigh too much because they’re tech from at least four years ago. Monitors that are screwed into the desks, but total crap that was cutting edge eight years ago. The most valuable thing is the networking hardware with is already in a locked cabinet (with an alarm if this IT wasn’t born stupid). I’m really not even sure why this room is locked, other than to power trip over other departments.

The way the admin guy breaks it down for me, IT does exactly that: power tripping. All the other departments rotate personel every 2-3 years except IT. IT people gots special gifts which seem godlike to everyone else. So no one messes with IT. Since their people never change, they curmudgeons with the keys.

Computers, for the most part, aren’t special or complex, they are just the tools of this age. Not learning about them and not understanding how they work, leaves you the victim of the curmudgeonous pissant thugs that prey on the weak and bilk them out of lots of money.

Be the master of technology or be its slave. There is no middle ground (and this set up proves it).

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Daily Report

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