Day 122

Thursday | June 28th, 2012


After yesterday, I’ve a lot to consider. Mainly how not saying, “No” could cascade so far, what I give gave up by not being 100% control of the situation, and how best not to muck up my future.

I tried it their way, and watched things go nowhere for weeks. Now, things will be run my way. Everything will be run my way from now on. Sometimes you gotta sit back and watch how other people run things for a while. I told myself I would do this. Heck, I promised myself I would do this, but really, when it comes down to it, only a small handful of people actually give a shit about an end result and most of them think abrasive and pushy is the best path towards lining things up. I can’t disagree more.

Another reason to sit back and watch how the “hometeam does it”, not understanding the new field and being new to the game and believing (foolishly) that the game was “different” because this is a university. What crap! Some of these yokel ESL Teachers have been toking too much on the ‘expat know better pipe’ and snotting up all the ‘this is the only way these Koreans know how to operate’ bath salts.

I refuse to believe that. Absolutely, I refuse to buy into that. I think, nay, I believe, that any education institution is vested in the long game, not the short, petty, fuck whitey game. Everything I’ve seen here at this scared place of pristine betterness, could be done better, cleaner, and with more grace and respect for those in the administration. Especially the quagmire I was handed yesterday and have been mucking through today.

Even if I’m totally wrong here, more respect needs to be paid all around.

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