Day 114

Wednesday | June 20th, 2012


For a day off, this Wednesday turned out kind of weird. First there was a nationwide taxi strike which I didn’t even remember when I left the house to go to the bank (intending to run my short errand, then cab it to campus). But a strong internal voice compelled me to walk to campus instead and go to the bank after my lunch appointment.

Lunch was a very nice ravioli (not as good as mom’s or aunt’s), tasty, but had too much cream so it was soupy. I don’t recall ever making my cream pastas either at home or in a restaurant soupy. I’m not sure if this is me or a Korean thing, but cream pastas here always turn up with a mess-ton of cream. It’s like have a stick-of-heart-attack with your noodles. It’s a little disgusting. At least the ravioli made up for whatever was lacking with my dish.

Since lunch had brought me from campus to downtown (unexpected, but also lucky), I ran my errand after lunch. Then because of the strike I had to get creative with my ride back to campus. I got on a 51 thinking for some reason that it would go right, but it turned left on the path to Shingyeongju Station. I hopped off a few stops later to cross the street and catch it going the opposite direction.

The whole reason for going in on my day off was 1) for the lunch, 2) to give an officemate twenty minutes of critical Excel help, 3) to input my grades, and 4) to attend a staff meeting. After the meeting, the school was paying for dinner which was going to be at the Hilton on Bomun Lake, but logistics and departmental wonkiness turned it into beef rib stew (hangup alert!) and Hite beer (a.k.a [s]Hite beer) two blocks from my flat.

I ate a big bowl of cereal when I got home. Then later after walking the dogs it was ice cream.

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