Chilly Willy

Saturday | November 24th, 2012


That bit of lace up there is frill edge (top) for my new office door (below, left). I like my door as it is, all traditional style with a slight upgrade: wood with lattice pattern, paper backing (below, right), some glass at the bottom. I wanted to … well was going to strive for climbing deeper into this winter with the doors as are. But, I’m cold. If I turn off the heater, I’m colder. If I want to sit during the cold day with the doors wide open, I’m uncomfortable.

Meow has been trying to get me to relent and hang plastic sheeting (like I did on the side of the house) or curtains, or seal it off with spittle and poo. But all of that looks ugly. Damn ugly. Like trailer park ugly. If I wanna look out my doorway and feel that Winnebego theme, I’ll move back to America and live with the other cants.

I love my doors (see that cute doggie in my window?). My doors give a whole new reality of real to the phrase: “Paper thin walls.” That is literally what I have. And tapping on them is like tapping on a cheap Walmart drum kit for preschoolers. Except, if I tap too hard, I instantly have a ‘hole in the wall’. I can see the neighbors. You can see the masking tape on my doors. I’ve had a lot of “accidents” since moving in.

What does that sign say? Well, aside from warning me of the dangers of PVC, what I need it to do is explain how this slip of plastic is supposed to cover my door. On the outside I was about 10cm short and when positioned on the inside of the frame I was 2cm too short. I went to wake Meow.

Meow informed me about the elaborate plan to tape the extra piece of PVC to the door piece and use the new bigger piece. I scoffed at this, ‘Tension! Tape! Elements!’ (I need to relax). Meow quick-stitched it together and all doubters were cast in shame and apology for freaking out.

It worked out pretty good. It’s crooked, but I believe it will hold for the winter. Twitchy has already figured it out, the going out and coming back in. Naughty is treating it like a wall he can lean against with some funny results.

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