Bathroom Unity

Wednesday | August 22nd, 2012


According to my logic, moving the toilet pipe meant that a bathtub could go in no problem. The pipe work would only need to be changed slightly and the whole system would not have to be dug up again and redone. But the Reno-guy said wrong. The bathtub has to drain down, then endue the same slight-degree-down action as the toilet pipe. (Why is there no water pressure? Where is the water pressure? Why do all America and none of Korea have water pressure?) There wasn’t enough room for that. By his estimation he could try again and maybe get us two meters of clearance.

On Wednesday we went to the house again to meet reno-guy. He had called the previous owner (who had insisted all through the process of buying that there was indeed a toilet pipe already in the bathroom) and had a chat about the pipes and the (tiny) bathtub that was there before the whole get-up was sledged out without much thought into the massive pain-in-the-ass it was going to be to make a bathroom for white people. After that conversation, reno-guy went back to our house and spent the whole day digging and finding a way to make the bathroom we wanted and not the bathroom that Korean people would settle for.

He found the original pipe for the toilet (above middle) and with it the original drain for the first bathtub. He then rerouted the new toilet pipe like I suggested and then … there was room for everything. (Like some kind of new magic.) He seemed more able to work with us again and less resistant to our radical Seoul ideas. It seemed like we won a kind of battle. To the victors goes the bathroom they want (I hope).

The tile for the bathroom had arrived and there was lots of discussion about that and where the point tile would go. I had trouble with blue light (above left) interfering with the picture I wanted to take of the floor, wall, and point tile together. I finally had to use a flash to get the yellow tones to come up more naturally (thumbnail). With the reno-guy in a better mood, we moved on to the pantry to talk about the loss of our water faucet and how we wanted it put back in so we could have a small sink in that room too. He brought up an excellent point: why put the faucet back in and go to the trouble of running a pipe to the other side of the room when there was hot and cold water just below the door (above right)?

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