Bathroom Fiesta

Sunday | August 26th, 2012


After Crisis, Details, and Purgatory I never thought I’d see a straight up bathroom. I thought we’d get some things but not others. Even with some Unity things still seemed fraught with problems. The band kept on playing the same old broken Gyeongju hits, “It’s Impossible”, “Too Expensive”, and the most slanderous and maddening of all, “You Don’t Really Want That”. It’s like everyone was our fucking mom and dad and knew better than us what we wanted from a house.

It was a pleasure, a great one at that, to walk into our house after days (four for me; two for Meow) in Seoul to see that something was finally right. The yellow of our bathroom was a bit softer and the point tiles more brown and coffee than the lemony-sunshine yellow Meow really wanted (but ultimately couldn’t get because Gyeongju don’t have style). But we liked how it turned out.

One of the right-away things we noticed was the bathtub (I finally got one!). I could stand in the tub and barely touch the ceiling (hero image, top). This was the big fight a week back when I came home from Cheongju. They said it couldn’t be done. We said find a way. And they did.

The point tiles look good and break up the squash feeling the room glows off (above left). The hole was knocked out as requested and we have a nice DIY project to bring in light later on (above middle and right).

The ceiling is still unfinished but it doesn’t blemish the bathroom (above left). The infamous toilet pipe, lowered all so I can stand and take a shower (above middle). The bathtub is big enough for me to sit down in with my legs out and unbent. My tub looks good in Meow’s yellow bathroom (above right).

The details turned out right, which isn’t something I thought would look nice given the snafu with back-filling the whole room with 20cm of cement when maybe 10cm were needed. Meow wants to paint the window frame white (above left). I’m looking forward to cleaning up the light switch (above middle) and maybe we will paint the inside frame white here as well. The floor drain is still covered (above right) and the floor tile was a good choice by Meow.

The last happy moment was seeing the pantry door had been chipped out and the water pipes looped together (above). The smart thing is making the loop and then cutting it later when the pantry sink gets hooked up. It was good to see some renovation cleverness for a change

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