Bathroom Blues

Wednesday | August 29th, 2012


After Bolaven was done with Gyeongju for want of enough tall things to blow down, Meow and I went to check on our house. We were also meeting the reno-guy to go pick wood for the pantry floor (which has to be built up about a foot).

We were ecstatic to see that the toilet, cabinet, and sink were installed, the caulking around the bathroom was finished, and the fixtures were all in. It was a great site and we marveled at our bathroom … done.

Upon closer inspection though … things were slightly … amiss. The faucets on the sink and shower were not the ones we picked out. The fixtures were from a different set than the one we picked out. Meow and I wasted almost an hour of our precious youth deciding this crap and then this guy had gone and put the wrong fucking stuff in the bathroom!

This is the stuff we picked out and paid for:

The fact that we picked square and boxy faucets, but got rounded loopy ones … if my head hadn’t already exploded nine hundred times over the bathtub conversation, I might have had something left to projectile at someone. As it is, I’m fucking exhausted with this shit. Take my feelings, multiply by a factor of google and you get an inkling, a nary glimpse of what Meow is tucking down at each of these seemingly impossible moronic episodes.

How hard is it to put in the things your customer bought? It isn’t fucking hard at all. Meow pesters reno-guy who doesn’t say much other than sighing (I’m sure he’s fed up with us by now, but his bid was almost 8,000,000 won, about $7,100—that is a lot of money to walk away from in Korea, especially in Gyeongju). But then Meow tells him I took pictures of the stuff we did pick and did buy. Reno-guy tells us the stuff was delivered and he didn’t look at it. Instead he let his subcontractors put everything in.

Like the bathroom, a simple checking to see what the fuck was going on or giving us a ring to check for ourselves would have saved him a ton of grief. Now he has the fun task of figuring out where the right fixtures are (because we already bought them!) and putting them in himself or paying more money out to the subcontractors.

I almost don’t care. The time Meow and I spent figuring out something neither of us had given much thought to though, that is a more valuable loss than not having the right fixtures at this point.


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