ADT Undone

Wednesday | October 31st, 2012


The fuglificafied metal cylon boxes of LEDs and circuits that they hung above the window were taken out on the demands of this crazy husband, but the massive screw holes remained. Also of extreme irritation was that in addition to screwing into our beautiful wood, they also screwed into the Styrofoam covering the upper windows in the room (really, how stupid can one be?). I have wanted to take the Styrofoam out since we moved in, but considering that it was basically insulating the bedroom (much like it does in the Hallway), I had decided to resist and leave it for a spring project. Except then ADT came along and filled it full of holes.

Removing the Styrofoam was simple enough, but it did require a sharp object to slice through the layers of wallpaper that covered the seams and held the sections in place over the windows (above). I was sure I would cut myself in the process if I used a razor, so I used a spackling knife instead to slide along the gap and cut through the paper.

I had a lot of success scraping the wallpaper and glue off of the wooden frame on the right-hand side of the windows (above, left). This entire wall is 80% wood. The only part that isn’t wood is the section below the supporting beam for the main window—that part is cement. But all the wood’s been covered up for reasons I can’t really fathom (other than an acute fear of tree revenge). This spring, all the wallpaper will come off this wall. Given the mixed success with the left-hand side (above, right), I think I need warmer weather to get busy with a spray bottle to strip all of this paper off.

We don’t need our neighbors peeking down into our bedroom anymore than we need them bitching unrealistically about our dogs. In my office I also have this high row of flattened windows and I used a splotchy-holey sort of red rice paper to cover the glass for both color and privacy. A few weeks ago, on a run to the stationery store to pick up this rice paper, Meow and I also picked the colors for the bedroom (and the kitchen, her office, and my office). Originally, we picked this pink rice paper to cover and diffuse our fluorescent light, but after the windows were uncovered, I decided pink was the better color (above).

For the light covering, I used the green (above) we’d originally envisioned to cover the windows in the spring (when it was agreed I would take on this project). The result is a room slightly tinted green and about 20% more light flooding into the bedroom in the mornings. Pink light coverings are an obvious choice, but the green rice paper covering the newly exposed windows just wouldn’t have looked as good on the inside, sitting in the room. During the day, the darker pigment of the green rice paper would have blocked more light as well. The only plus of using the green rice paper would have been at night, from the outside where it would have looked pretty cool.

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